Remember that all our products are digital files, we do not make prints and we can not make reimbursement for the nature of the file. In special cases you can contact to be able to help.


What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we are accepting payments by PayPal and Bitcoin, If there is no account with a PayPal account you can pay with credit or debit cards via PayPal it is free and there is not even 5 minutes of registration in PayPal. If you decide to use the method of Bitcoin, the end of your payment appears the Bitcoin address and the amount that you must send, once the payment has been made, the system will release your download in your email and in your account (This system uses https: //gourl.io/ so it is compatible with any type of Bitcoin wallet). Some of our products may be available through Envato Marketplace or CreativeMarket. You can also purchase these products through these platforms.

Do you accept payments in another form or other Crypto currencies?

At the moment we do not plan to add a short term more payment methods, we would like to receive your comments do not hesitate to contact us.


Where are the downloads of the purchased files?
Once your payment has been processed by an email address you register with a link to be able to download your file. In addition, you can view the page in a file.


If you have not received the email notification with your download link, verify that it is not in the Spam folder.

Please verify that your email address is correct when you make your purchase. If you still have problems, you can contact us urgently at info@gcreativa.com to verify that your payment has been processed and send your file.


License for free downloads

All files in our free or freebie category are licensed https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ unless otherwise noted in the description. You can edit, modify, reuse even for economic purposes. It does not need to indicate its authorship even though it appreciates the attribution.
If you want to promote the free products you can link directly to our download link.

License for our Premium products

All our Premium products allow unlimited use, ie it is possible to print the copies you need and copy as many times as you need for your personal or business use for the same purpose. When you buy it you can use them without attribution.

The Premium license allows:

1- Use them in any context, scenario or purpose.
2- You can edit and reproduce our products according to your own need.
3- You can use them without limits and print them without having to buy the product again.
The Premium license does not allow:
1- Do not publish the products as yours unless they are part of another more complex project and have modifications.
2- You can not take the images of our products in other sites without the express authorization of Gcreativa.com
3- You can not distribute the products or part of the files, such as elements, renders, styles, etc., only personal and unlimited use is allowed for your projects.
4- You can not distribute as part of a set of files by third parties and sea for economic or free purposes.
5 – Any violations of these rules, were taken as false testimony and legal actions are taken in their name.

NOTE: GCREATIVA is not responsible for the use of graphics pieces with unethical fines, violence, sexual harassment or other promotion purposes that are immorally incorrect.

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