Branding – DevCode Mx

It arises from the concept of systems development in its different technological platforms by means of the programming of Systems, where the name DevCode comes from the game of letters of “Developers Code” that is “Developers of Code”.


Slogan “Codifying your life”:

Codifying your life reflects the purpose of the company, which is to make available to the people or companies, applications and systems developed in the different programming languages that are based on a high degree of coding.


Creative Solution:

A design was developed that seeks to represent technology, innovation, communicate reliability, quality, development, coding and computer systems.

In the choice of colors we tried not to fall into the classic of technical elements, for that we used an orange tone as main and gray as companion.



In the creative process of the logo, we sought to create a unique brand, innovative but at the same time focused on technology and expressing all this fabulous world such as information technology, coding, networking, programming among others without neglecting the human aspect.